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Health and Safety Policy Statement

It is our policy to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees, and others who may be affected by our activities as far as is reasonably practicable.

We are committed to the prevention of ill health and injury and to a programme of continual improvement in the reduction of injury and ill health.
We will provide such information, instruction, training and supervision that may be needed for the purposes of complying with any requirements to eliminate or reduce the effect of the hazards created by our undertakings.

We are committed to complying with our statutory health and safety responsibilities and all other responsibilities as prescribed in this policy. We recognise that these legal requirements represent the minimum level of achievement and we will strive to ensure that higher standards are reached.
We firmly believe that health and safety objectives are equally as important as other business objectives, and so, each year, we will set health and safety performance targets aimed at achieving the principal objectives of:

  • Reducing accidents year on year
  • Reducing the potential and actual impact on work-related ill health
  • Increasing employee knowledge and understanding of workplace risks
  • Improving employee involvement in the development of safe systems of work

Sufficient resources and training will be made available to achieve our health and safety objectives. Every process, procedure and working practice will be designed to achieve our objectives and our programme of continual improvement.

Health and safety are responsibilities of management and they rank equally with all other indicators of success. However, we expect every employee to be fully committed to ensuring that we meet our core health and safety objectives.

To ensure that every employee understands their responsibility and is able to work safely we will provide the necessary training. Where required, we will seek expert external advice from a competent person(s).
We recognise the importance of good communication and consultation and so all employees will be involved and consulted in the development of those systems required to meet our objectives.
Employees will be required, as a condition of employment, to observe safe working practices and co-operate with management in carrying out this policy.

This policy and the health and safety management system will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary; any revisions will be communicated to those affected by the changes.
I accept that I have overall responsibility for health and safety but I expect each and every manager, supervisor and employee to ensure that this policy is implemented within their departments as applicable. I will ensure that there are arrangements in place to document an annual health and safety improvement plan, set targets for achieving the core and specific objectives, and publish this information to employees.




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